Technicure® ADH Datenblatt

Compatibilizer / Adhesion Promoter Additive

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Technicure® ADH, Adipic Dihydrazide, a C-4 backboned dihydrazide, is commonly used with epoxy resins in single component systems where cure above 120C, good adhesion to oily metal and good toughness are required. When a faster cure is needed, ADH can also be accelerated resulting in a "snap cure" system. Some suggested accelerators for ADH include Technicure LC-80, and any of the substituted ureas, including Technicure MDU-11, Technicure PDU-17 or Technicure TDU-20. These accelerators will decrease the activation temperature of ADH, without compromising, and perhaps enhancing performance properties. ADH can also be used as a curative for acrylics and urethanes, by Michael Addition, especially with its water solubility, >50%, ADH can be used as a water-phase crosslinker in water dispersed urethanes and acrylics, not to mention as part of the polymer backbone.

  • Long Pot Life with epoxy resins
  • Easily Accelerated
  • High Tg's
  • Excellent Adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • Water soluble
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  • Nordamerika
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