Ultraplast™ TP 10 Boletín técnico

Compatibilizer / Adhesion Promoter Masterbatch

Suministrado por Performance Additives Sdn. Bhd.

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Descripción del Producto

COMPOSITION: Mixture of light coloured aliphatic resins


At process temperatures, ULTRA-PLAST™ TP10 has a natural tackiness and an adhesive character, which enables it to act as an effective binder. This is important in highly filled system where the most uniform level of blending is required to maintain physical properties. In addition, the low molecular weight of ULTRA-PLAST™ TP10 (<2000) provides viscosity reduction during processing, which improves flow.

ULTRA-PLAST™ TP10 has been shown to improve the blending of TPO compounds, filled polymer systems and flame retardant formulations. ULTRA-PLAST™ TP10 can be used at low dosage levels and does not cause bloom. It is soluble in aromatic, aliphatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons.
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