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Antiblock Additive

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Descripción del Producto
COMPOSITION: Blend of unsaturated primary amide of oleic acid and fatty acid derivatives.

ULTRA-PLAST™ TP08 is predominantly used as a slip agent in PE-films. This effect is due to migration and forming a microscopic coating on the film surface.

ULTRA-PLAST™ TP08 is a synergistic blend of a primary amide and a highly heat stabile fatty acid derivative. Thus, the heat stability is higher (towards the stability of an Erucamide) but it still shows good migration effects.

ULTRA-PLAST™ TP08 shows a slight surface bloom in injection molded articles, thus leading to improved mold release and surface appearance. This is valuable in processing of thermoplastic resins and elastomers (TPE's) and thermo set rubber systems. It also functions as a dispersant in filled systems and concentrates, which leads to easier let-down of the concentrates.

ULTRA-PLAST™ TP08 is sanctioned for use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in a number of applications, listed under Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations.
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