Technicure® LC-100 Fiche technique

Plasticizer Additive

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Description du produit
Technicure® LC-100, is an encapsulated solid amine ground to about an 8 micron particle size for easy dispersion and to avoid settling. When added to either liquid or solid epoxy resins such as Bisphenol A type or epoxy Novolacs LC-100 displays a pot life of over six months at room temperature and can be cured as low as 100C. When used as an accelerator for low viscosity systems, such as epoxy/acid anhydrides, LC-100 cures at roughly the same speed as other tertiary amines, such as BDMA, but exhibits pot lifes of over 8 weeks at room temperature. This aspect of LC-100 makes it ideal for vacuum impregnation, filament winding, and composites tooling. When used as a curing agent, lap shears of over 4000 psi can be attained. LC-100 can be combined with LC-80 to attain a synergistic effect, improving pot life and reducing the temperature of cure.

  • Longest Pot Life with epoxy resins
  • Fast Cure
  • High Adhesion
  • Excellent Accelerator for DICY and Anhydrides
État du matériau 
  • Commercial : actif
  • Amérique du Nord
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