BELIKE KY-394 データシート

Nucleating / Clarifying Agent Additive

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KY-394 is a sort of new heat-resistant antioxidant of biphenol monoacrylic ester, and its superior stabilizing mechanism breaks through the traditional antioxidating theory which takes perishing carbon radicals under the anaerobic and anoxic conditions as the character thus to achieve the aim of improving the heat resistant processing stability of polymer. It has excellent heat resistance and antioxidating effects for polyolefins especially for dienes polymer products. KY-394 shows excellent synergetic effects in combination with various antioxidants such as hypopropionic ester or phosphites.

Application & Features:

KY-394 is mainly useful in high impact polystyrene (HIPS), heat-resistant ABS plastics and composite rubber such as super plastic elastomer SBS and emulsion polymerized SBR and BR. The gelation can be effectively inhibited by incorporating 0.3~1.0% of KY-394 in butadiene rubber(SBS?BR?SBR?);the formation of retractivepores in pyrocondensative films during the sheet extrusion of films can be prevented; the phenomena of silver lines caused by thermal decomposition of resins can be inhibited in the formulation of super heat-resistant ABS incorporating 0.2~0.5% of KY-394 during the high temperature injection moulding in the polymers using KY-394; pigmentation and coloring caused by the residual of lithium catalyst and tiatanium catalyst, and KY-394 shows more excellent properties in combination with hypopropinate, phosphite processing stabilizer such as TNP, P-EPQ, Weston 618 and Weston 626.
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