Technicure® Imidazole Curing Agents IA-6 データシート

Plasticizer Additive

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Technicure IA-6 is a proprietary imidazole adduct that can be used as a cost-effective replacement for other liquid imidazoles such as 2-ethyl, 4-methyl imidazole with minimal sacrifice in speed of cure and longer pot life, since it does not have any active hydrogens . IA-6 is an effective accelerator for dicyandiamide and anhydrides, such as methyl tetrahydrophtalic anhydride. At a viscosity of less than 2000 cps, IA-6 is easily dispersed in epoxy systems. Also this low viscosity allows high filler loading in adhesives and excel- lent impregnation in composites.

  • Cost-Effective Replacement to 2-ethyl, 4-methyl imidazole
  • Non-crystallizing
  • Low outgassing
  • Fast Cure
  • High Tgs
  • Excellent Accelerator for DICY and Anhydrides
  • 供給可能
  • 北アメリカ
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