Preniphor™ EPFR-APP222H Planilha

Flame Retardant Additive

Fornecido por Presafer (Qingyuan) Phosphor Chemical Company Limited

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Descrição do Produto
Among the Preniphor™ EPFR-APP(ii) series Nitrogen-phosphorus inorganic flame retardants, Preniphor™ EPFR-APP222H is a kind of high polymerization degree, crystal type II ammonium polyphosphate without activating and surface treatment. It has high content of Phosphorus & Nitrogen, excellent thermal stability, near-neutral and non-toxic smoke property. With gas source and carbon source, it takes effect by char formation and intumescent mechanism.

Compared with other similar commercial products, at the same dosage, Preniphor™ EPFR-APP222H has much lower viscosity in water, polyol suspension of polyurethane and better stability for long term storage.

Since Preniphor™ EPFR-APP222H has very low water solubility, which makes it as the acid source of intumescent coating, other kinds of important materials, including latex(crylic acid), carbon source(pentaerythritol), gas source(melamine) etc. After got burned, the FR intumescent coating would generate a carbon layer on its surface, which can efficiently prevent the temperature of the materials inside from getting higher. Steel structure material with Preniphor™ EPFR-APP222H can reach related standards from EN ,DIN, BS, ASTM and GB, wood and plastics can reach EN13501-1-B.
Status do Material 
  • Comercial: Ativo
  • África & Oriente Médio
  • América do Norte
  • América Latina
  • Ásia/Pacífico
  • Europa
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