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Talc Filler / Reinforcement

用LKAB Minerals AB提供

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The raw material for the Talc product range is quarried in Shetland; an island at the top of the British Isles. This magnesitic talc lump is milled in the UK to produce carefully controlled particle sized products.

Talc product uses

LKAB Minerals' talc products are ‘off white' and therefore more suited for bulk application use where colour is not of importance. These applications include kiln furniture manufacture, ceramics, agriculture, roofing, some coating applications and plastics.

In agricultural applications Talc's anti-caking properties and lubricity make it effective for free flow carrier uses. Used in fertiliser talc can be used as an anti-blocking agent which enables the feed cake to be broken up easily. Using Talc as an anti-caking agent in animal feed improves fluidity especially in mixes where molasses are used. As Talc is inert it is the preferred choice for animal feed; it also prevents the growth of bacteria in feedstock.

Talc is used in ceramics because of its high fusion point used as a secondary flux in bodies and glazes. The low level of shrinkage talc imparts helps to improve craze resistance in ceramics.

Within the surface coatings industry Talc is used in a variety of industrial coating applications including primers and undercoats. Talc is used as a filler / extender where it imparts corrosion resistance and increases paint stability. Talc can be used in solvent and waterborne paint applications.

LKAB Minerals have developed a talc product specifically for the coatings industry. Talc S20 is suitable for use in anticorrosive and marine coatings. This 40% magnesitic talc will provide a barrier effect thereby reducing oxygen and water transmission to the substrate. The S20 talc product improves weathering resistance and reinforces the coating making it a viable alternative to other talc products.

Talc properties

The appearance of talc is pearly and soapy with a solid wax feel, talc is translucent light will pass through. The cleavage of talc, i.e. how the mineral fractures upon processing, is basal. This basal cleavage means talc breaks in one direction which results in flake shaped pieces.
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