Rubber Antioxidant ODA-40 数据表

Antioxidant / Heat Stabilizer Additive

用Zhejiang Huangyan Zhedong Rubber Auxiliary Co., Ltd.提供

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Physical properties:
It is brown wax or liquid. Melting point = 75?. Soluble in benzene, gasoline,chloroethene, acctone and insoluble in water.

ODA has a good anti-thermal oxidize circumnutating & anti-fissure properties. It can be used as a antioxidant for NR, SBR, CR, NBR ETC. It also be used as a antioxidant of polyolefin and lubricating oil. ODA is the best antioxidant for CR compounds.It will perform the best heat-resistant property as companied with antioxidant TPPD. Utilization of ODA is capable of decreasing the plasticity of CR master-batch & shrinkage rates of compounds, those properties should be helpful to adjust size of un-vulcanized semi-finished articles & improve storage stability of CR compounds. ODA is mainly used in manufacture for cable industry rubber overshoes, rubber hatchway, thermal-resistantrin, sponge products, tyre, and so on. Normal dosage in rubber is about 2 phr.
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